Sally MacGregor

I am a Registered Adult Nurse and Registered Children’s Nurse with 29 years experience in healthcare. A large part of my NHS career was spent as a specialist paediatric pain nurse at a large teaching hospital. I have also had NHS experience in adult and paediatric hospital and community settings. Currently I work in the NHS as a Specialist nurse for children with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and Autism, the overlap with neurodiversity and gender diversity is very interesting and I hope to complete some work around this in the future. I am fully committed to upholding the reputation of the nursing profession and take my responsibilities seriously.

Since 2017 following the transition of my daughter (a male at birth) I have devoted my energy to transgender healthcare. As an independent nurse advisor I worked with a leading private gender service and had the privilege of meeting over 400 gender non conforming adults and children. By listening to patient stories, reading research and current best practice guidance and under the supervision of a very experienced trans advocate, I have been able to gain an enormous amount of knowledge about the developing specialism of transgender and non binary healthcare and the medical transition pathway.

I recognize that there are inequalities and frustrations within the current NHS gender identity clinics and improvements are desperately required. Whilst continuing to lobby government for improvements, Sinead and I felt we could offer a safe alternative and/or supplement for families and individuals seeking help for gender dysphoria.

Sinead Kelly

Hi My name is Sinead (Light/ Grace of god in Celtic) and very proud to be a Trans female who supports the community and all those in the LGBTQ+ rainbow umbrella.

On leaving school, I joined HM forces, working in Germany and Ireland for 8 years. On leaving the services I started work with West Dunbartonshire health & social care partnership Scotland , working within care homes supporting adults with complex physical and mental health issues. I progressed to a supervisory roll in 1998 then from 2001 till 2021 was a registered care coordinator in social services for adults, supervising and supporting a team of care workers.

My role in WDHSCP involved liaising with other healthcare professionals, chemists and social work colleagues.I gained a good knowledge of communications between services, the benefits of working closely together in providing good outcomes was essential. I worked in our pharmacy maintaining the drug stock and completing drug orders, where a sound knowledge of current medication procedures, legislation and a good understanding of pharmacology were vital. I was provided with training through WDCHCP/NHS throughout my career.

I have gained many social care and psychology/ counselling qualifications over the years including , SVQ 3 in Social Care for adults, SVQ 4 management units, PDA in Management of a care service Level 7/9 and two years study in Transaction analysis (My Home Life and Foundation year TA). I continue to gain knowledge and skills through my roll in the NHS and the training they provide, I also am keen on developing research in relation to gender care, with interests in human biology,endocrine, cardio vascular and digestive systems and mental health.

Over the last few years as well as the above I have been supporting gender non conforming children, adults and families with voluntary peer support in various groups. As a qualified phlebotomist I’ve been working with Sally at ‘Gender health care’. supporting with blood sampling and injections.

As well as my work in gender care, I work within a large NHS Trust in a mental health team, running ECG and blood sampling clinics, supporting psychitrists in patient managment, and providing support to the whole mental health care team.
Having gone through the complicated, often emotionally difficult transition, from my birth gender, to who I really am, including medical and surgical interventions, gives me a personal perspective and empathy for all those I support. I am passionate and driven to help others and their friends and families in the LGBTQ+ community.

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